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01 January 2031 @ 10:34 pm
This journal is only semi-friends only from here on out. All fic is now up at my AO3 page.

If you friend me, it is because you want to read about my personal life (which will include fic musings, school stories, dog updates, family drama and random sociopolitical thoughts). I'm currently a student, studying to become a nurse (so lots and lots of science courses). I tutor people for a living. I have a dog named Abby who is basically the cutest thing ever (on four legs). She's sleeping on my feet right now.

Current fandoms I am involved in:
- Hockey RPF
- fringes (FRINGES) of bandom (basically if friends wrote it)
- Buffy Crossovers
- White Collar
- Misc. random stories (did you know there was fiction about Brokeback Mountain? AND that it's *good* and Jack and Ennis *live* in it?)
20 February 2013 @ 09:09 pm
I hung out with some friends this past weekend who reminded me that LJ existed, and I should say hi to everyone still here and maybe even use it occasionally. So this is me using it occasionally. I got into my grad school of choice, I start in the fall. I'm starting the volunteer process to become a CASA volunteer, so I can work with at-risk foster children. This will help me with the eventual adoption process in about four years or so. I have a timeline, for serious. By 34 or 35 I should have my own town home/condo with at least three bedrooms and be on my way to adopting a child or two. So many feels.

That is all. Have a good night!
I'm putting this entirely behind a cut to avoid spoiling people. So, yeah, FYI. It's here. Wherein I talk way too much about my college experience, and discuss how Blaine is like both Pinocchio and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. And it occurs to me that maybe, just maybe, Blaine's a real character, too.

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28 July 2012 @ 08:32 am
Over the past few days, I've managed to stumble upon a new fandom--Olympic Short Track Speed Skating! Which is now basically my crack. But, um, I honestly don't think I've ever been in this small a fandom before. AO3 only has like, 50 stories total for this fandom. 50. I've read them all (a couple times). Just--um--okay?

But then the new Dancing with the Stars lineup for the Fall was announced, and it has the Apolo dude on it (AND JOEY FATONE, who was my first fandom crush over 15 years ago) and I feel all happy inside.


Okay, to be serious, my brother is making a documentary about the first transsexual model in England. Her name is April Ashley, and the trailer for it just got put up at www.aprilashleyproject.com -- go check it out. I'm so ridiculously proud of him. I remember when he called me over 4 years ago, back when I was in Santa Barbara, and he was asking if I'd ever heard of April Ashley. I hadn't and he told me all about her when I was sitting at work, pretending to do something with disasters.

It's taken him a long time, but he is finally doing it! Well, kind of, he made the preview and is working on securing funding for the whole thing. Seriously, go check it out. SO PROUD OF HIM (much better then the crap tv shows he normally works on--seriously, Bad Girls Club? I Love NY? Cupcake Wars?)

31 May 2012 @ 08:19 pm
I have been on a themed reading frenzy, and it is annoying me that I can't find themed Glee fic lists anywhere. Which, of course, means I need to create some.

The few I am currently working on are:
Famous!Au -- wherein someone is famous and another character meets said famous person
Reality TV!Au -- yes, yes, it is possible I have read things like Model Behavior a few too many times
SUPER-LONG EPIC -- because I like epic fics as much as the next person? Probably more then most, actually?
Asexuality -- um, are there any fics where a Glee character is asexual?
Trans -- Um, yeah, because this is me? I <3 fics that mess with gender and sociatal implications, plus I'm always down for a good mtf or ftm or genderqueer or tranny story. Always.

Any other ideas? I don't like vampire/wearwolves (I can't even spell wherewolves. Literally, at all.) so I probably wouldn't do that one. And I'm not a super big fan of femslash (yeah, yeah, the lesbian doesn't like to read about girls getting it on, wtf?)

I'd do kink ones, but honestly I have no desire to publicly claim my kinkiness (except for how everyone who knows me in real life knows I'm like a kinky asexual hobbit). So probably not any kink lists (not even boypussy, because every time I read that I get super confused because is it that the character is ftm and stuff just doesn't mention it? is it magical? is it people prompting don't know what intersex is? ohhh, now I want to prompt a story where Kurt's parents decided to raise him as a boy even though the doctor was all like: "but he has a micropenis! and it's easier to make a hole then a pole! he should be female!" and they were all like: "yeah, no, he's a dude for now and if he wants to transition he can." and then have them all angsty about it as he's growing up because he likes things that are stereotypically feminine so maybe they made the wrong choice but maybe they didn't and his dad has to learn about sexuality and how gender is separate. Ohhh, want, now.
16 May 2012 @ 03:42 pm
Two posts in one day! Wooot.

I have been obsessed with the book Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin for fucking ever, almost. I read it originally over three years ago and the idea of people who died going to a heaven like place, where they aged backwards until they were literally "reborn" on Earth--yeah, it seems faily, but it surprisingly doesn't go there. It doesn't do a lot of moralizing or preaching, instead it's about how, when you die, you say goodbye to the people you left behind, but hello to the people who left you earlier, but at the same time you can't get too comfortable with it because you'll have to say goodbye to them again.

The image that sticks with me is somebody who died when they were older having their tattoos becoming sharper and sharper, and hurting, until they disappear one day. Leaving behind pieces of your past self as you grow into a new person. Yeah, I'm sure a lot can be said about my headspace with this.

But then I thought about what it would be like for somebody who transitioned going there, and having their previous family members not recognize them because of how much they changed. But then having to slowly lose everything that made you you. Somebody who'd started T or Estrogen later in life and then one day waking up realizing they were losing something they'd fought so hard to get, and the battle of fighting to hold on to their gender identify as their body "lost" all the things they had done. Waking up with breasts again, waking up with a penis, and knowing there was no way to fix it because if you did, it'd just show back up because you're aging backwards.

And now I want to write Glee/Elsewhere fic! There's actually a good story on ff.net (shuddup) about Kurt going to an alternative reality. Once In a Lullaby. I should make a Glee Rec's List this weekend, actually.

Anyways, yeah. I have thoughts, and they are mostly non-coherent.
16 May 2012 @ 03:22 pm
I'm sitting in the middle of my college's library, typing on a public computer, as I wait for it to get to 4:00pm because that's when my next tutoring appointment is. I say all this because I never actually "sit" at a computer, normally I curl up with my laptop in a comfy arm chair or my bed. It's weird to be sitting up, tall, and staring at my live journal screen. Anyways, that's all completely pointless rambling. And not rambling about what I want to be rambling about.

So, Blaine. Blaine, Blaine, Blaine.

Genderqueer much? Maybe? Possibly?Collapse )
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06 May 2012 @ 06:52 am
I was raised in a reform Jewish household. Very very reform, to the point where I'd almost say we were more culturally Jewish then anything else. In college I explored Judaism in a lot more depth, through Hillel and Chabbad and my circle of friends. I explored Religion, too, which is part of what I feel college is all about, trying different things on for size and seeing what fits comfortably and what feels as though it's going to strangle you.

I think what stands out to me most about college was my friendship with a girl named Michele (barefoot Michelle!) and her view on religion. She is easily the most religious person I have ever known, but she was also the most open minded and most loving individual too. She was part of the Intervarsity Christian club, and I met her because she literally always went barefoot and (the first two times I met her) she was also carrying a Pogo Stick, just incase she ever felt like Pogoing around. I'm not making this a post about Michelle, but she literally changed my view of the world. Every time I see one of those "question authority" stickers or posts, I think of her. She's the type of person who hated sleeping in a bed, so she hung a hammock from the ceiling. She went to more Hillel events then I did, because she liked learning about other religions. She took Hebrew as a language and liked it so much, I took it as a language too.

Everything I learned from Michelle is something I still treasure to this day--don't take things at face value; if it doesn't hurt you or someone else, it's none of your business; everyone just wants to live their own lives; singing is fun, especially when you do it at the top of your lungs; live for today because who knows about tomorrow. She went to college for 5 years and, aside from the degree, I think the thing Michelle walked away from college with that she treasured the most was a scuba certification, to teach scuba.

I'm not in touch with her anymore, which makes sense in my head because she taught me what I needed to know, what I need to know. I can see her literally going all over the world (she isn't big on personal possessions or having a home) and teaching scuba wherever the weather and water takes her. It makes me happy, to think of her like that.

But how does this tie into religion? It ties into religion because over the past 6 years, since I graduated college and have since gone back, my views on my own religion have gradually changed. I was sitting at work the other day, talking to my bosses boss, who is this big time Buddhist/Eastern Religion philosophy guy, and I was saying that I think everything happens for a reason. And, well, somehow over the past 28 years, that has gone from being something my mom says occasionally to something I firmly believe in with all my heart. And Edward, my bosses boss, looked at me and just had this look on his face that I can't describe, and he said that he was really happy he hadn't gone home early as he'd been planning too, because talking to me changed his entire day; it hadn't been a good one, filled with stressful budget meetings, and just hearing someone sound happy about things, and genuinely want other people to be happy too--it just lifted his whole mood.

So, I'm not sure if that is a religion, or just Karma, or G-d, but it's what I believe, for me. I'm not sure if other people have had this happen to them or not, or if its part of your daily life. But everything I do, the tiny things and the big things and everything in between (kind of like meeting Michelle, amongst other people) means something, changing something, makes the day better.

My mom says that I'm the most happy person she knows, because I don't look at what I want or what I don't have, that I just kind of exist and let other people exist without judging them (too much--dude, my stat's teacher? I *REALLY* want to turn her into 'what not to wear' and let Stacy and Clinton deal with her because NOBODY should be witness to that). But that's only one thing in the grand scheme of everything. I dunno.

Just--yeah. *shrug*

Now, it's 7 am and I have to shower and get dressed, because The Avengers is playing at 9 am and I will be there! EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! WOOOOOOT!
29 April 2012 @ 12:16 am
I really liked the character Chandler. I thought his texts to Kurt were fun and witty, and he seemed to be a fun character to write. I'm sad we won't see him again in the Glee 'verse, and after thinking about it for a while (and reading Glee Angst and Glee Fluff meme prompts), I came up with a quick plot bunny that is EATING my soul.

Kurt/Chandler/Blaine story...Collapse )
So, yes, I need to plot out more and figure out details and like, actually write this thing. I want it, though. SO MUCH. *nods*
21 April 2012 @ 03:58 pm
Life has been keeping me pretty busy, so busy that I haven't posted in awhile. So, yes. A quick update.

1) Stat's homework can suck it. I spent four hours today at the library doing Stat's homework, and only finished 1 chapter. Now I have to do another 4 hours tomorrow on a separate chapter. *whine*

2) I am going to be leading a science kid summer camp this summer, all about getting kids to like science. Yay! science. Yay! paycheck. Just, um, yay! in general.

3) I got a PFLAG scholarship. I don't know how much for, $1,000 or $2,000 but it's pretty exciting! I like monies and free monies are even better!

4) I get monies back from tax returns = yay!

5) I'm almost done with school for the semester! Woooooot!

6) I take my GRE and TEAS this summer and then start actually applying places. *scared*